We provide nonprofit management, fund development, marketing, public relations, and event planning services for diverse groups:

nonprofit, small business, corporate, private, and individuals.


Hodges Communications Group, LLC (HCG) is a boutique agency dedicated to delivering exceptional services with a strong community focus. We specialize in creating dynamic platforms that foster engaging conversations, driving increased revenue and donor contributions, enhancing brand recognition, and boosting visibility.

With a proven track record, HCG excels in several key areas:
  • Nonprofit Management:
    We offer expert guidance and support to help nonprofit organizations thrive.
  • Fund Development:
    Our strategies are designed to maximize donor engagement and fundraising efforts.
  • Event Planning:
    We meticulously plan and execute events that leave lasting impressions.
  • Marketing:
    Our innovative marketing solutions effectively promote your brand.
  • Public Relations:
    We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

At HCG, our mission is to empower our clients by building meaningful connections and achieving remarkable results.

Hodges Communications Group is motivated by

our desire to promote and enhance the brand of nonprofit and small business. HCG is client-focused, dedicated and results-oriented. HCG is passionate and committed to delivering the best ideas to yield meaningful, measurable results.